Monday, August 30, 2010

As usual...

I kind of overslept today, nothing new. I have to be at work in an hour but I also need to eat, shower, do laundry, and replace a headlight that was burned out on me. Looks like only one of these things will be done. That's life I guess! Also Susan and I are currently in a text message conversation, puts me in a good mood.


  1. same is the case with me thses days.

  2. nice to hear things are going well

  3. i always oversleep, its just par for the course for me

  4. following you nice blog,

  5. hi bro, nice post today..
    i'll sure keep coming to check the news
    so bring that shit up!
    also, i might post about that thing i told you tomorrow
    be sure to check it out
    take care :)

  6. I totally overslept today as well! I'm following so i'll keep track of you, you better not oversleep again!

    Please follow me back, thanks =)

  7. This is a great post man! checking in on my daily rounds to show some real love for you. oh and i made a new minecraft blog maybe you check it out