Monday, August 30, 2010

As usual...

I kind of overslept today, nothing new. I have to be at work in an hour but I also need to eat, shower, do laundry, and replace a headlight that was burned out on me. Looks like only one of these things will be done. That's life I guess! Also Susan and I are currently in a text message conversation, puts me in a good mood.

Oh yeah...

Still can't sleep, but it happens a lot. I figured I'd let my potential readers know about a girl, let's call her Susan. She's absolutely gorgeous, and smart, and has goals. I am crazy about Susan. We talk all the time, but everytime I've asked her out even though she says yes things get weird. Some of my posts will be about her and our adventures. She also bugs me about taking her out quite often so I like to think that she fancies me a little herself but I guess we'll find out.


So I just pulled an intense night of working on my gaming skills. I'm slightly above average if I do say so myself in shooters although in Halo (3) I tend to do much better and in the top 20% of most competition rather than MW2 which I'm not as solid at. But hard work pays off am I right? It's currently 8:08 am as I'm writing this and I haven't been to bed yet, I do have to work tonight so I probably will fall asleep soon. This first post was pretty random at the moment I'm not to sure what to write about, but we'll see where this blog takes off too in the future. Also I think it's like 14 days now til Reach comes out. Excited about that.